Become a Volunteer


The Volunteer Commitment

Many prospective volunteers ask about the time commitment to be a CASA/GAL. People from all walks of life are able to fit CASA into their schedules, including full-time 9-5 professionals and full-time stay-at-home parents!

  • Volunteers typically carry one to two cases at a time. A "case" is a child or sibling group of children who are involved in the child welfare system.
  • We estimate that each case takes 10-15 hours of time commitment/ month, with this amount often being higher for the first month or so after new case assignment.
  • A "case" usually can last up to two years (and in some rarer cases, longer...) and we ask for a commitment for at least the life of your first case.
  • Many of the volunteer duties can be scheduled at your own convenience. This includes home visits, observations, note-taking, report-writing, contact with CASA staff, meetings with professionals, and reviewing records.
  • Court hearings are held during business hours, and the volunteer should have at least enough flexibility in his/her/their schedule to attend hearings once every two-three months for about a half a day. The good news is the CASA/GAL volunteer has input into hearing dates and times!