Become a Volunteer

Key Components

Key Components of the CASA/GAL role

The CASA/GAL volunteer is to perform actions or functions to protect the best interest of the child including:

  • Investigation: You carry out an objective examination of the situation, including relevant history, environment, relationships, and the needs of the child.
  • Facilitation: You identify resources and services for the child and facilitate a collaborative relationship between all parties involved int the case, helping to create a situation in which the child's needs can be met.
  • Advocacy: You speak up for the child by making recommendations regarding the child's best interest in a written court report.
  • Monitoring: You keep track of whether the orders of the court and the plans of the child protective services agency are carried out, and you report to the court or collaborate with the child protective services agency when any of the parties do not follow those orders and plans.

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~ Mr. Rogers