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In-Service: Limitless Ambition, Inc.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
5:30 pm7:30 pm
650 Dan St. Akron, OH 44310 1st floor conference rooms
In-Service: Limitless Ambition, Inc.

Please join us for a presentation from the staff of Limitless Ambition, Inc. The CASA Program has partnered with Limitless Ambition, Inc. to educate, motivate and inspire pre-teen and teen girls to dream without limits by supplying them with coaching and emotional support.

Limitless Ambition Inc.’s vision is to be able to supply women all over the world with the tools they need to be effective leaders, business women, and positive role models. They strive to help build a positive network of women who can learn to use their purpose to add value to the lives of others by creating businesses, sharing their testimony, and impacting the community.

Join us to gain more information about how your role as a CASA volunteer can assist in moving their vision forward!