The Summit County Youth Pride Task Force seeks to advance the equity and inclusion of LGBTQ+ youth in Child Protective Services by addressing issues of homelessness, safety and support, healthcare, discrimination and placement to ensure each and every youth is able to grow up in a safe environment and loving permanent home.

The Summit County Youth Pride Task Force is a group of professionals, community advocates and volunteers whose mission is to work together to advance the equity and inclusion of Summit County’s LGBTQ+ youth in Child Protective Services. Specific issues identified by the task force include:

  • The need for open and affirming CASA’s as well as CASA’s that are LGBTQ Allies
  • The need for positive connections, supports and mentors in the LGBTQ community
  • Recruitment and sustainability of suitable families for the permanent placement of LGBTQ youth
  • The need for education and advocacy of CASA’s, families and LGBTQ youth
  • The need for organized collection and distribution of information regarding LGBTQ resources
  • The need for education of health care providers
  • Homelessness and Sex Trafficking

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Here in Akron where, like many urban areas, our LGBTQ citizens are widely accepted, if not embraced, it might seem no longer necessary to let LGBTQ youths know that things get easier.
Tragically, this is not true.
Only 5 to 7 percent of American youths are LGBTQ. But 40 percent of homeless youths are LGBTQ, 20 percent of incarcerated youths are LGBTQ (the number is higher for females) and, worst of all, 24 percent of 12- to 14-year-old Americans who die by suicide are LGBTQ......
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