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"I am pleased to have the opportunity to once again thank the many volunteers in the Court’s CASA/GAL Program. The Summit County Juvenile Court’s CASA/GAL Program is among the finest in the State of Ohio. The dedication and determination the volunteers have offered the youth in the Court system for 26 years has provided the foundation to stand by that claim, and the Court assures each of you that it will continue to provide the assistance necessary to strengthen it. With the promise of enthusiastic new leadership for the program, the future is bright and boundless. I look forward to working with you, the CASA/GAL Board and program staff members to achieve the common goal of providing a strong voice for children in the Summit County Juvenile Court."

~ Judge Linda Tucci Teodosio to CASA volunteers

About Judge Teodosio:

"Her administration of the Juvenile Court has inspired widespread attention for its innovative approach, particularly in the areas of alternative sentencing and enhanced programming. Judge Teodosio’s concept of integrating mental health issues as a causal element in the genesis and treatment of substance abuse has gained national notoriety for the Court’s Crossroads Program."

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